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Construction and engineering projects require a range of Insurance, risk management and protection considerations.

Losses can arise due to the failure of equipment to perform it’s intended function – air conditioning or lift equipment for example.

Site timelines can suffer delays requiring time and cost overrun Insurance, or special provision for removal or weakening of support under contract terms, or latent defects Insurance for damage to the shell of a construction project.

The majority of our clients come to us first and foremost for Professional Indemnity Insurance . PI policies will cover not only a negligent act (making a mistake) but also a breach of a professional duty of care (or not doing something that is usually required as a matter of protocol in the trade sector). In each case, a claim will need to result in a financial loss.

PI policies can cover some of the losses mentioned above, but by no means all of them. It is for this reason that dovetailing policy cover with other contractors/main contractor, and other advisers is crucial.

Sector specialists will also frequently be asked to sign collateral warranties and of fundamental importance is our ability to ensure that our clients understand where their policy cover does and does not protect them in this space.

We are able to assist with quantifying the risks which firms face (via a risk and cover audit), and then establish policies to cater for firms’ individual needs – as opposed to a “one size fits all” approach.

In addition to professional indemnity Insurances, architects may also need to consider;

  • Cyber liability – cover for sensitive personal data, data prosecutions, and malware/hacking which causes a loss
  • Directors and Officers Liability (protection and defence for regulatory offences, and for claims against claims made against directors individually in their own names)
  • Third party liabilities (employers and public) for visits to contract sites
  • Protection for electronic, measuring, telephony and laptop type equipment away from an office location

Claims for professionals can often be onerous and complex, and this constitutes our shop window – its what we do well for our clients and we provide an end to end service to ensure that they are protected.

We can also assist in areas such as risk assessments and construction site (CDM) issues.

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