My renewal is on 1st April, when should I submit my proposal form? 

Our advice would be to start completing your forms now with a view to submitting it to the market by mid February. 

Need assistance populating your forms? We can help! We are a hands-on bunch here at QPI and this is all part of the service – get in touch now to see how else we can take the stress away from renewal! 

How can I show Insurers that my law firm is a good risk? 

Quite simply there is no better person to sell your firm to Insurers than you! We can arrange for you to meet Underwriters either in person or via Teams so that you can tell them all the great things you are doing at your practice! 

Help! My Insurer hasn’t offered renewal, what can I do? 

QPI can help! We have lots of experience with helping firms in difficulty and have saved a number of Firms from closure. Every situation is different so get in touch for independent and honest advice. 

I am not happy with my renewal offer, what are my options? 

QPI can help! We can review your insurer submission and take it back to the insurance market to renegotiate. We can also check if all Insurers have been approached to quote. QPI is an independent brokerage and is not tied to a small panel of Insurers so you can be confident we have your best interests at heart. 

Why should I instruct QPI to review my PI? 

QPI is one of only a handful of Independent Professional Indemnity specialists in the Insurance sector. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience of arranging Solicitors PI Insurance and will provide clear and honest advice. We have access to an extensive network of Insurers and are not affiliated to one market.

If you need advice, please do contact a member of the team on 01772 509494 or email

Submitted by Simon Ong

January 2024