Risk Management

No external influences, other than our clients, dictate our advice.Our expertise benefits you.

We are able to assist with:

Risk and cover audits – outlining aspects of firms which are covered, contracted out, or exposed, including commercial due diligence

Managing liabilities during a process of sale, merger or acquisition including successor practice issues and exposures

Supporting business transformation via individual corrective exercises around people, divisions, books of business or branches, which need remedial help and support

Decisions on risk vs Insurance – client money protection for example – the majority of firms are significantly exposed

Review of assets, liabilities, people and reputation

Outlining areas of exposure and what it means to an individual firm

Alternative risk financing – there are other ways of Insuring medium and larger firms than traditional Insurance policies

Deciding on levels of excess and how to buy back cover at more competitive pricing levels

Perceived risk vs Actual Risk

A lot of firms are being refused renewal or being faced with uneconomical increases.

Reasons often being because of the risk they present or the risk that it is perceived that they present.

Perceived risk is where the underwriter thinks a firm is high risk based on their proposal form whereas because of the way the firms work a high risk area may not be as significant as the underwriter thinks. Getting beyond that is about being able to understand the firms risks and dispel the perceptions that the underwriters have, which means going beyond the information in the proposal form which is what QPI do and this differentiates us from other brokers.


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