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The UK continues to be a major facilitator of tech start up funding, with a £1.1trillon value in 2023, with a large talent pool, government support and investor networks combining to support founders, growth businesses and those refinancing for their next stage of development. We work in conjunction with some government agencies and consultancies to provide a service that minimizes risk and then goes on to protect businesses across what is a broad sector. Here are some examples;

  • Intellectual property; frequently new start tech businesses have not addressed who owns their IP and we have seen some lose several years work as a result. Intellectual Property Insurances protect ownership of designs, formulas, codes and specifications, and can also be adapted to protect firms who may be at risk of being challenged by another business in the same sector.
  • Clinical trials.
  • Failure of the product to fulfil it’s function, and product guarantee Insurances; covering large volumes of new or existing products in circulation for injury, damage, or recovery from supply chains.
  • Management Liability; new and growth firms often have changing cap tables with new investors and there are sometimes disputes between shareholders and directors.
  • Design defects and liabilities; policies can protect against defects in design and specification which may result in legal actions following financial loss.
  • Negligent misstatement; often new and growth firms need to raise capital and their investors will sometimes require warranties around the truth and veracity of statements made during that process, as some take a stake in the business. Warranty and Indemnity cover will protect against some of these risks.
  • Key man protection; where the business relies on a small number of key personnel who are crucial to it’s success and knowledge base.

Call us for a discussion on de risking your new start or growth firm, if you are an investor looking to protect your investments, or a consultant working in the sector.

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